About Us

justin bogardusJustin Bogardus is an award winning filmmaker, director, and editor with over a decade of experience, producing and creating top-notch motion pictures, TV, and video. Justin’s filmmaking work has taken him all over the world and to 47 US states. Connecting with people and telling their human stories has been a lifelong passion for Justin, who decided to be a filmmaker at age 13.

Justin majored in film at Vassar College and has a graduate degree in psychology. His combined education, credentials, and experience in filmmaking and psychology gives him a unique set of skills, as a director and producer, to bring to life those stories and messages that resonate with audiences, customers, and viewers both on the level of intellect and on a visceral level, creating a lasting impact.

IMG_3090Casey Burnett is our production manager and in-house tech wizard. He has experience producing videos for university marketing departments, outdoor industry, and just silly story telling. He is a skilled presenter of information and very interested in putting himself in the shoes of the viewer. “How do we convey our message so it will be heard?” is a common struggle for Casey to solve. Holding a graduate degree in psychology, he prioritizes telling intriguing stories that perk peoples curiosity while educating them of new ideas.